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About K2 Incense and Its Popularity

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K2, a natural incense is  sometimes composed of “canavalia rosea, clematis nuciferia, heima salicfolia, and ledum palustre”   these ingredients are put together to create an aromatic incense which is used in meditation practices or as a means to get high. As per the K2 incense reviews on the internet as well as in some countries that have not yet legalized it, this is still a controversial item. The product is marketed only for usage as incense and not for human consumption however people do regularly use this product for its intoxicating effect. This is also known as “Spice” or K2 spice, many of these herbs are blends for herbal cigarettes also.

The biggest reason for the popularity of K2 is rather controversial, people have been using K2 incense for a simple reason “It gets them high” however the effects can be lethal if a person shows utmost negligence about dosage. It is a very temporary feeling of sudden release from reality and an immense sense of euphoria and this is more than enough a reason for a huge draw towards its usage.

The use of this substance has always been very debate full and due to the potency level of K2 herbal incense – it is very important for a person to be aware of its effect and also it should be bought from an authorized K 2 dealer, as consuming a fake from the market can be hazardous to health and life.

K2 incense reviews

K2 herbal incense has a nice fragrance which uplifts and elevates senses with a soothing mellow aroma; the herbal incense has been widely used with yoga practitioners and other buyers who are looking for creating calming environment at home and workplaces. Its best usage is in its aroma therapeutic properties. Comparing it to the many other herbal incense products available on the market, K2 herbal incense has all advantages towards its side, as it does not use any illegal chemicals and also contains some very popular and rare botanical extracts which are not present in spice or other herbal blends.